What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the presentation of technology as a service instead of a product, where shared resources, applications, and data are provided to computer systems and other applications as a function over a system.

Is cloud-based ERP or cloud computing safe?

Not that all Cloud Computing systems are identical. It is essential to examine your hosting provider or cloud provider to ensure that your data is stored securely. Typically, large cloud hosting providers use very advanced security layers that maintain your data secure than it would in your office, in which […]

How concerned should I be with data security?

Though cloud disruptions often make headlines, the fact of the matter is that cloud ERP suppliers invariably have a more secure environment than internal IT departments do. This being said, the data of a company–even though it’s “in the cloud” –also has a geographical location. And then that information must […]

What are the major benefits of cloud-based ERP?

While the benefits vary depending on the needs of the company adopting cloud software, they may possibly include: Cost savings from reduced IT staff and outsourced resource management Not needing to maintain and safeguard on-site data centers Shorter time for implementation and no upfront investment